Benefits of Alkaline Water


Alkaline water has taken the world by storm. Alkaline water is basically water that has a higher pH than normal tap water. The water is rich in alkalizing compounds like potassium, magnesium, calcium, silica and bicarbonate. Alkaline water can be found naturally in many places around the world but very few people are willing to travel to different places just to take a glass of alkaline water. Luckily, scientists invented the velaqua water filter which you can use to transform your regular tap water into alkaline water. There are many health benefits associated with regular drinking of alkaline water, some of which are discussed below.

The main benefit of drinking ionized alkaline water is that it has healing qualities. It helps the body recover faster from illnesses and boosts the immune system helping you keep sicknesses at bay. Most of the foods people eat in the modern world have the effect of increasing acidity in our bodies. Under these conditions the human body is susceptible to many diseases. Alkaline water helps reduce the acidity of our bodies. No disease can survive in basic conditions.

Another benefits of alkaline water is its ability to restore balance in the body's pH balance. The body needs pH balance in order to function properly. Unfortunately, apart from fruits most things people eat nowadays have the effect of creating imbalance in our body's pH. Cells need pH buffers in order to get rid of their acidic wastes. Drinking alkaline water provides the pH buffers your body needs. Lack of these buffers will lead to the body stealing from joints, bones and muscles which can lead to diseases such as arthritis and cancer. Know the Benefits of Alkaline water here!

Drinking alkaline water also helps cells absorb more water compared to drinking regular water. The velaqua water filter replacement breaks the water molecules down from large clusters to smaller clusters which enables the water molecules to pass through the cell membranes faster. Studies show that water absorption is increased by up to five times when drinking alkaline water.

The water ionizer machines also help in water filtration. Chemicals like chlorine and fluoride which are found in regular water can be bad for your body as they promote acidity in the body. The ionizer splits the water into two streams one for acidic water and the other for alkaline water. The filter also gets rid of other harmful chemicals that might be in the water while allowing the good minerals such as calcium to pass through. For more facts and information about water filters, you can go to .